As a child, I believed I had to wear the right things, talk a certain way, respond in a particular manner in order to be loved.

As a teen, I worked people pleasing to my advantage, smiling on the outside, brushing away negative feelings, getting good grades. I tried to act in a way that I thought was tolerable, agreeable and acceptable to others. And I was rewarded for it with awards, a multitude of friendships and lots of positive attention.

As a young adult, it all started to catch up with me. It was too exhausting to be fake so I rebelled the other way.

Since then, I’ve found peace in the middle. It took me awhile, but I finally realized all that work to please others was coming at a detrimental cost to my authentic self.

Here’s what our top posts helped to remind and reteach me this week. You can’t stifle your true feelings and constantly prioritize other people’s needs without resentment. You can’t stuff your thoughts, beliefs and opinions without taking a hit to who you are. You may be able to do it on occasion. It may be okay to do it once in awhile. But you were meant to grow and shine. Life won’t allow you to play small without severe consequences and sacrifice to your relationships, health, and happiness.

{Photo from here.}

{Photo from here.}

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