Growing up I didn’t have fancy clothes, cool gadgets, or expensive toys. But I hardly felt I was lacking for it. Instead, my childhood was filled with homemade mud pies “baked” on old water heaters and DIY glass dome homes for pet beetles. I think what my family lacked in finances they more than made up for with time, love and lots of creativity.

When I grew up and eventually got the things I wanted as a kid, I still looked back fondly on those days. I think about the magic of make believe and cars made out of cardboard boxes and tiny paper boats that sailed atop rain puddle rivers. This is why I’m always surprised when people attempt to procure happiness from financial wealth, professional success and a perfect life. Maybe they bought into reality TV, dreams sold by commercials and that temporary, false facade of what happiness really is.

If you’ve lost sight of true happiness, don’t despair. This week our bloggers will steer you on the right path with helpful tips, informative strategies and a bit of laughter so you can invite a little more happy moments into your day and ultimately your life.

Why Happiness is a Journey, Not a Destination
(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – If you’re tackling happiness the same way you tackle your goals, you will be unsuccessful and disappointed. Life coach Joe Wilner helps you redefine and rediscover happiness to get you back on track in five steps.

Seven Facts About Adolescent Suicide
(Therapy Soup) – Forget about happiness. If you have a loved one contemplating suicide, all you want is for them to be alive. This must-read post provides important facts regarding adolescent suicide. It also includes surprising information on depression in younger children and how symptoms are exhibited differently in youth than in adults.

Re-discover Happiness with Laughter and Humor
(Character Strengths) – Have you laughed today? Find out why laughter and having a good sense of humor doesn’t just make life more fun, but it’s good for you too. Then get tips on how to boost your humor muscle and tickle your funny bone.

30 Seconds to a More Mindful Life
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Got 30 seconds? That’s all you need to rejuvenate your spirits, calm your nervous system and get clear. Read this to start your day in a more mindful place.

How Mindfulness Aids In Addiction Recovery
(Addiction Recovery) – You already know the impact mindfulness can have on your state of mind. But addiction? Yes a mindfulness practice can heal addiction and those recovering from addiction.