I can barely remember the pain of losing a loved one, getting my heart broken or any physical injury I’ve had to endure in my life. But I can describe to you in vivid detail the dessert I had almost 4 years ago while honeymooning in Santorini, Greece. I remember the velvety texture of the dark chocolate, the cocoa powder dusted on top and how the combination of sweet honey drizzled on white eggplant comfit delicately played on my tongue.

I doubt my husband will forget it either. But for him, it wasn’t the dessert that was memorable as much as my reaction. He remembers how long it took me to finish it, the permanent grin on my face and the intensity with which I savored every bite. I hadn’t even realized I was audibly expressing my satisfaction until he laughed and said, “You do realize people can hear you right?”

I think the reason why the memory was so memorable is explained in one of our posts this week. When we can find moments to savor, when we pay attention to the things that bring us joy, we have more delight, happiness and zest for life. That single moment so many years ago still brings back feelings of complete wonder, sensory overload and joy. If you want to start adding more of those moments in your own life, read our first post below.

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