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Best of Our Blogs: April 20, 2018

Do you ever get tired of maintaining your life?

Not making it Instagram worthy or Facebook ready. But just getting to where you feel almost normal.

It’s a lot of work when you’re juggling life with an illness. It requires more than an occasional spa trip. It requires patience, and lots of loving, supportive people. It takes a village, and team.

It can take time to build a toolkit and support system so be kind to yourself. And never think you’re being selfish. Knowing what you need and setting boundaries impact your health and happiness and in return affect those you love.

As you work on creating the necessary ingredients to keep you healthy, you’ll appreciate our posts on what therapy, tips, and information can help you on the road to wellness and recovery.

Narcissists do not Parent: This explains why you are having such a hard time!
(The Recovery Expert) – Struggling to co-parent with a narcissist? It’s no wonder you often feel like a single parent.

5 Ways You Were Taught Self-Erasure—and Why It’s Wrong
(Psychology of Self) – You’re a people-pleaser who has poor boundaries. You’ll recognize yourself in this post.

Ten of the Most Common Errors in Thinking
(Fearless: Breaking Anxiety Down) – If you’re thinking any of the following, you’re not alone. Find out the common cognitive errors worsening your situation.

Codependency Anorexia—Starving Oneself of Love
(Self-Love Recovery: The Codependency Cure) – Here are ten things you can do to heal the wounds of Codependency Anorexia.

Addiction and Object Relations Therapy
(Addiction & Mental Health Demystified) – If you struggle with addiction and/or have had a traumatic childhood experience, you might want to consider Object Relations Therapy. Here’s why.

Best of Our Blogs: April 20, 2018

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