It will be Earth Day in a few days. How will you celebrate? I caught the last half of Nostradamus 2012 on the The History Channel this weekend and was temporarily freaked out. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for the world to end in a few years. This Earth Day, you’ll find me recycling paper, reusing old bottles and even unplugging my laptop so that I can relax and reboot by spending more time with Mother Nature. After all, it’s also almost Mother’s Day (May 9th, in case you were wondering).

Besides scaring me to be more environmentally-friendly, the show also got me thinking about the importance of appreciating the now and planning for the future; two concepts you’ll see intertwined in this week’s round up. However you celebrate the day, I hope you’ll have a happy one and please go ahead and enjoy our most popular posts.

Mental Health Court: The Future

(Forensic Focus) – Speaking of the future, Forensic Focus has important information concerning the future of mental health courts. It’s here to stay and only going to get better. Read what recommendations may help mental health courts improve and become more effective.

4 Creation Myths for Writers

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20 More Inspiring Ways to Improve Body Image

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Helicopter Parenting

(Therapy Unplugged) – Parents read this and relax! Letting go is the theme of this post. Find out why being over _____ (emotional, protective, competitive) is so over and why less perfect parenting may be better for you and your kids.