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Best of Our Blogs: April 17, 2018

Hi guys. I’m recovering from the flu, which makes sense because life has been crazier than normal and I haven’t gotten much sleep. While feeling ill is never fun, it’s given me oodles of time to rest. And it was direly needed. My body and mind needed time to recoup.

I started thinking about how different things were when you were sick as a kid. There was the joy of not going to school and the possibility of a popsicle. I don’t know about you, but getting sick as an adult just feels like another opportunity to worry.

When there’s nothing to do, but think my mind goes free-range. From worrying about whether I’ll get better to analyzing all of my relationships, it’s exhausting physically and emotionally to be ill.

If you’re looking for a distraction too or are worrying about relationships, this is a good week to tune in. All of our posts delve into the topic from healthy and harmonious to codependent and toxic.

The Hallmarks Of A Resilient Relationship: Harmony Rupture Repair
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – Successful relationships don’t end at happily ever after. Find out why stagnation is your greatest enemy and what’s involved in every healthy relationship.

20 Lies Addicts Say to Justify their Addiction
(The Exhausted Woman) – Want to know if you have an addict on your hands? These statements will clue you in.

Codependence, Decision Making and the Perpetual Rescuee
(Narcissism Meets Normalcy) – Here’s what co-dependence looks like and why you have trouble making decisions.

How Unconditional Love Ruins Romantic Relationships
(NLP Discoveries) – This is why unconditional love works in love songs, but not in real romantic relationships.

Who’s Afraid of Being Single?
(Single at Heart) – A study reveals what people really think about being single.

Best of Our Blogs: April 17, 2018

Brandi-Ann Uyemura, M.A.

Brandi-Ann Uyemura is a freelance writer specializing in self-help, spirituality, psychology and small business articles. She has a BA in English from University of Oregon and a MA in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. She writes for various companies and publications and teaches stress management workshops. For more information, see her website

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