Happy Friday the 13th! Want to hear something really scary?

As we get older, it’s easier to shrink inside ourselves. Gone is our ambition, flexibility (physically and emotionally) and our courage. It’s not an inevitable transition if we are aware of it early. But most of us walk around in a haze allowing time to render our muscles worn and our ambition shot.

We rarely stop and think about how stuck in a rut we’ve gotten until we’re faced with a challenge that forces us to step outside our comfort zones.

If you’re open to spreading your wings a bit, read our top posts this week. It’ll give you a new perspective on things like sexual addiction, creativity, blogging and recovery. It seems like quite an unrelated mix. But all together they show us that we’re never too old to learn something new, that we can re-engage our creativity, take more risks, heal ourselves and get through difficulty regardless of our physical age.

Reclaiming Our Creativity
(The Creative Mind) – Most of us believe education to be empowering and a vital factor in self-growth. But what happens when our educational institutions are doing the opposite-in fact, eroding our creative and intellectual abilities? This post reflects on the ways we can reclaim the creativity we’ve lost.

Should Sexual Addiction Become A Legitimate Mental Health Diagnosis?
(Sex & Intimacy in the Digital Age) – Is sexual addiction a legitimate disorder, one that deserves its own mental health diagnosis? Why this blogger wholeheartedly agrees and what the future looks like for sexual addiction as a potential DSM-5 diagnosis.

What is Your Courage Quotient?
(Adventures in Positive Psychology) – Can a lucky charm make you more brave? Is embracing failure a key to being more courageous? And is a willingness to act on our fears enough to get us to overcome them? The answer is, “Yes” to all of the above. Learn ways to boost your courage quotient in this riveting interview with The Courage Quotient author and psychologist Robert Biswas-Diener.

Lifting The Cloud Of Early Recovery: How To Stop Being Confused And Start Thinking Straight
(Addiction Recovery) – The beginning stages of recovery can be tough. Here is a list of steps you might want to bookmark, share and print out to help you get through the process easier.

Why the Blogs You’re Reading May or May Not Be the Answer
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – Can a blog really help to address your specific problems and issues? Not according to this blogger. While it can provide a sense of support, connection and community, read why you shouldn’t expect any blog to be your sole source for healing.