Spring can be sign of hope for those who have been dragging their feet all winter. Just the vision of blooming flowers and sunshine can be enough to shake us out of that winterly rut we’ve all been in for months.

Then again, our emotional health doesn’t suddenly rise with the temperature. Individuals with S.easonal A.ffective D.isorder and those with allergies may even feel worse with the rapid change of the seasons. And even then, life doesn’t suddenly get better. Sometimes when we’re feeling good, when the weather’s good, life sends us a doozie of a problem. We’re knocked back down to square one and the discouragement and despair that comes with that (whether it’s being wronged by a friend or failing at a job) feels overwhelming. You can easily wonder if you will be able to handle it all.

Don’t give up! These bloggers will show you how to pick yourself up if you’ve been knocked down. Learn how to accept a past hurt, combat negative stigma and isolation by joining a movement to spread awareness, and manage stress by being more resilient. In doing so, you’ll create your own spring garden of healing regardless of the weather outdoors or the emotional one going on inside.

Ten Steps of Acceptance – When Forgiveness Is Not An Option
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Mental Health Heroes will all GO Lime!
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Easter Inspiration – How to Get Back Up When You Get Knocked Down
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Emotionally Sensitive People: Survey Results, Part 1
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2 Things You Can Do Right Now to Decrease Anxiety and Depression
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