Do not worry. We can do this. There is someone for everyone, and sometimes we have to go through several someones before we get to the right one.

We work hard to be the best person we can be. Regardless, of how hard therapy is and whatever medications we have to ingest, we are working our asses off to be “better.” Dear reader, I do not believe there is a cure for bipolar disorder, but rather a progression toward better. Other people believe that we do not need pills or therapy and that is cool – whatever works for you.

Finding that perfect match for us is hard, toss in bipolar disorder, and it is significantly harder. Last summer I went on quite a few internet dates. Some of those dates could have turned to a relationship. BUT every one of them wanted to run just as fast as they could when they found out about my illness. Now, let me explain. I try to tell people I write about about psychology . Yes, I am fascinated to the mind (truth). When pressed, I will tell the name of my blog and why I write about bipolar disorder. Buh, bye. Or you could sit across a table and and pick up your phone and Goggle me. Date was toast.

But do not give up hope. I had a boyfriend for nearly five years. He was amazing. He was gentle with my emotions. So, we are going to use this dude as an example for people we do not know how to navigate our illness.

First of all, DO NOT RUN! We are not scaly under our clothing.We are not crazy, not in the way you believe, we want someone who wants to listen. When you are cool with sharing your diagnosis – and only you can decide that. Do not feel pressure like, “Well. third date, let the horns come out.”

We need to feel comfortable being who we are because being bipolar disorder is only a bit of us. When it is getting real, we do not have to open our bipolar Pandora’s box and tell him about the worst episode, you will have plenty of time share. Just explain your illness. This is another chance for you to fight stigma. Because I know we are not all “just bipolar.” We live with a mental illness. We can do what we can do, despite whether your date meets his or her match. Also, I advise that you do not bring up how much time you have been in the psych ward as soon as you meet. Yes, I believe in being authentic. We do not have to scare away someone who would have had a chance for more. But for every date that goes nowhere, you are one more step in the right direction.