About Davita Moodley

Davita Moodley is the founder of Infinite Potential Hypnotherapy, she is both a hypnotherapist and mindful life coach. I specialize in creating awareness of and changing destructive unconscious patterns to awaken to your highest potential. My focus is on teaching clients how hypnotherapy and mindfulness can be utilized to create conscious, passionate and purposeful relationships, careers and goals. I am devoted to providing a compassionate path of unconditional acceptance toward radical change and complete self empowerment. I graduated from the University of Natal South Africa with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and went onto Hypnosis Motivation Institute in California to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I founded Infinite Potential Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles CA I currently see clients via Skype, in person and through teaching seminars. I passionately write on all things that bring healing, transformation and inspired awareness. I love good poetry, travel, heart expanding experiences and cooking delicious vegan fare. You can learn more about Davita on her website

Articles by Davita Moodley: