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Feeling Disconnected in Your Relationship? Here’s How to Reconnect

Love is cultivated during the grind of everyday life.

By Kyle Benson

What can you do right now to make your relationship more romantic? You could get your wife a diamond necklace. Or maybe you could buy her the Mercedes dream car she’s always wanted. Sounds like a good idea, right?

But let’s suppose that you haven’t asked your wife a question in five years, so you fail at Love Maps. Or while you are out on a double date with friends and your wife starts telling a story, you say, “That’s a good story, but you always tell it wrong. Let me tell it.” So you fail at showing her fondness and admiration.
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3 Ways to Develop and Maintain Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Having boundaries is so, so important.

Boundaries in relationships are certainly a hot topic lately, but it also seems to be this ever-elusive concept.

While boundaries are incredibly important to the success of any healthy relationship, most people seem completely at a loss for how to maintain any kind of boundary from one moment to the next. And since life is ever-evolving, relationships inevitably change as well.

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6 Ways to Mindfully Manage Tough Emotions

Open yourself up to your emotions instead of fighting them.

Let’s get real here. For most of us, life is fast-paced and chock full of family, relationship, and work stressors. This reality, along with the ever-increasing pressures of technology and society at large, can really take a toll on your marriage.

As a result, difficult emotions like anger, confusion, fear, loneliness, and sadness, just to name a few, can arise. Emotions like these are often the most present and powerful forces in your life.

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Children and Teens

3 Parenting Tips for Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Raise children who are bright, confident, and better able to navigate the intricacies of life.

As parents, we want the very best for our kids. We work hard to raise strong individuals who will go on to lead happy lives and have good moral standing. Sometimes, however, we find ourselves questioning our parenting choices, crossing our fingers and hoping we’re doing this whole parenting thing right.

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Industrial and Workplace

3 Simple Ways to Deal with Toxic Relationships at Work

You've got this.

In addition to my focus on couples, I have done some business consulting and have helped businesses become more profitable by developing healthier relationships at work.

Researchers have consistently shown that there is a connection between good morale, healthy work relationships, and productivity. However, sometimes, just as in personal relationships, you have to deal with a toxic relationship at work.

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