High Schooled: “13 Reasons Why”

For once, that Netflix binge was productive.

13 Reasons Why is Netflix’s latest cult hit. The docuseries chronicles lead character’s Hannah’s descent into suicide. This is more than manufactured teenage angst; the Netflix hit dives into weighty topics like slut shaming, mental health, and suicide.

Not surprisingly, some parents have expressed dismay about the program’s controversial content. According to detractors, 13 Reasons Why glorifies suicide; it promotes self-destructive behavior.

I disagree. 13 Reasons Why is a critical look into high schools’ hidden tumult. For me, it provided a much-needed reality check on cyber-bullying and rape culture. And, sadly, our collective acquiescence to it.
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Children and Teens

‘Help Me Figure Myself Out’: The Paved Road to the Adolescent Mind

“What do I do? I don’t know what to do with him anymore!” This is one of the many scenarios of a frantic parent knocking on the therapist’s door. Teenage years are tough, let’s not kid ourselves. We have been there, we remember.

In my practice I’ve consulted numerous parents on teens’ presenting problems such as: indifference, apathy, resistance, verbal/physical aggressiveness, destructive behavior, mood swings and a complete emotional shutdown expressed by their teenage sons and daughters.
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The Boys Club

Over the past several years sexual assault has become an increasingly popular subject. Whether this is because there is a rise in sexual assault or because it is simply more acceptable to openly discuss the matter, is unclear. Whatever the case, sexual abuse/assault/violence and harassment has exploded into common conversation.
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