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Use This DBT Skill to Manage Your Emotions and Enhance Your Life

Our thoughts and emotions generally dictate what we do. Which makes sense since we act based on the information our brains automatically give us. So if we’re anxious about speaking in public, we probably will avoid it. After all, we interpret it as a threat, and our brains—and bodies—don’t like threats. If we’re sad, deeply sad, we might isolate ourselves, for days, because we yearn to be alone. If we’re angry with our spouse, we might yell...
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How to Win Even When You Fail

What do the premier designer Vera Wang, the famous 1800s scientist and author of “On the Origin of Species” Charles Darwin, and NPR radio icon Terry Gross have in common? They all failed. And it wasn’t just the trial-and-error, have-to-pay-your-dues kind of failures that most anyone has to endure in order to succeed in any given field. These talented people actually failed to reach their initial dreams, aspirations that were based on entirely different professions than what they are so famously known for!
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Counter Stress with Serenity

Counter Stress with Serenity! Find out how you can fit it into your busy life.

Everybody knows about stress. Too much to do, too little time, problems, issues, irritations and whatever else makes life complicated and frantic. But serenity? Isn’t that a very old-fashioned idea with no relevance in the modern world? Quite the contrary, it is essential for well-being and counteracting the damaging effects of stress on body, mind and soul. But how to practice it in a fast-paced life?
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Five Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a difficult time of year. Whether it's depression, family drama, anxiety, or the fear of missing out, the holiday blues can be difficult to beat. Listed below are five constructive ways to help make the holidays happier -- or at least more bearable.

1. Take Time for Yourself

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can quickly become overwhelming, creating the ideal environment for anxiety to flourish. While our minds are preoccupied by plans with friends and family, we often forget about ourselves. Taking a moment to breathe and relax can help reduce anxiety, allowing for a happier holiday.
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Surprising Losses that Need to Be Grieved

We think that the only time we grieve is when a loved one passes away. But it’s important to grieve all sorts of losses. Moving. Graduating. Retiring. Ending a relationship (even if you’re the one who ended it). Being diagnosed with an illness. Recovering from that illness. Starting a new job or even being promoted.

In short, a loss can be anything, negative or positive. As marriage and family therapist Cheryl Beatrice said, “If we can be connected to it -- whatever ‘it’ is -- then we can grieve its loss.”
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Brain and Behavior

Timing Is Everything: How to Produce Your Best Work

Producing high-quality work day after day is no small feat. When you use your brain on perpetual overdrive, you’re bound to hit productivity slumps where it feels like you’re fresh out of new ideas.
While there’s no shortage of tricks and tips to hack your way to more innovative thinking, timing is everything, says sleep doctor Dr. Micheal Breus, author of The Power of When. He believes working in sync with our body’s natural clock is the key to unlocking success to produce our best, most creative work.
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7 Meaningful Ways to Start Your Morning—Especially If Mornings Aren’t Your Thing

Mornings tend to be tough for many of us.

You open your eyes to the blaring of your alarm, and think, “Ughhhh.” You think about your super-long to-do list and dread the day. You calculate the cups of coffee you’ll have to consume so your head doesn’t smack the desk. You scroll through random sites and social media. You check your email five thousand times.

After a snooze or ten, you finally stumble out of bed, and trip 18 times on various objects -- shoes, toys -- on your way to splashing water on your face.

In short, mornings aren’t exactly your thing.

But there are small ways you can turn that around. Below are seven suggestions for making your morning more meaningful, brighter, and a bit more fun.
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Avoiding the Holiday Blues

For many, the holiday season is a happy time associated with family and friends, good food and celebration. But for others, the holidays are marked with feelings of anxiety and depression, commonly referred to as the Holiday Blues.

The Holiday Blues are defined as temporary feelings of anxiety or depression during the holidays, and though they differ from clinical anxiety or depression, they should still be taken seriously as they can lead to long-term mental health conditions. 
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Industrial and Workplace

Mental Health Days in the Workplace: Still a Stigma?

Do you ever feel inclined to take a day off from work when you’re not legitimately sick? We all have those "down days." Days where we may feel stressed, emotional or upset about a personal circumstance. Days where the workplace may not be the best environment and productivity is suppressed.  

I can recall taking a day off here and there from high school and labeling it as my “mental health day.” I simply needed a day to recharge my batteries, to reboot, to do a mental cleanse, so to speak. But here’s the catch; I never genuinely felt comfortable relaying that to a teacher. And nowadays, I don’t exactly feel keen conveying such to an employer.

While there’s been an abundance of progress in attempting to de-stigmatize mental health issues, there’s still a bit of residue lingering regarding mental health, in general. 
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9 Self-Care Tips to Put Your Life Back in Balance

Are you feeling run-down? Are you continually putting the needs of others before your own? Do you feel like your life is out of balance?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, consider investing in self-care. Self-care refers to the practices you engage in to decrease stress and promote general well-being. Practices vary from person-to-person, however, self-care as a whole creates similar outcomes: increased happiness, balance, productivity, reduced stress and a greater sense of control.

Practicing self-care tends to be the first neglected “to-do” during times of stress when in reality self-care is the antidote! When incorporated into your daily, weekly and monthly routine, you'll experience a profound impact relative to the time invested.
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How to Unwind Without a Glass of Wine

It’s been a terrible week. You barely checked off any tasks on your to-do list, and nothing went the way you wanted it to. You’re finally able to sit on the couch and savor a tall glass of wine—or three.

Your toddler finally fell asleep after yelling nonstop for 30 minutes about…you can’t recall. You have some peace and quiet—and can drink your wine. After all, you deserve it after the day you’ve had.

You’ve been worrying about so many things lately, so you jump at the chance to meet your coworkers for cocktail hour. You literally jump. You could use a fun escape. In fact, you require it.
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