10 Steps to Becoming More Self-Aware

Self-awareness is the foundational block of building many other healthy habits because it’s the ability to become introspective, observe yourself in a meta-cognitive level, and make the changes you desire!  If you are prone to metaphors, you can think about it as the first layer in making a delicious quiche, which is the well-formed bottom crust. When forming a quiche from scratch, the crust is hardened separately and before any of the filling is added. That way it forms a firm foundation for the things to be layered on top!
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Exercise & Fitness

The Forgotten Five-Minute Mindful Mood Booster

It happened again today. I forgot to go outside.

I don’t mean I completely forgot to go outside, but I forgot to do my Five-Minute Mindful Mood Booster.

Green Exercise

Ever since I discovered the research that showed that the first five minutes of light exercise in nature delivers the biggest mood booster of time spent outside, I realized what a realistic mindfulness practice it is for even the busiest person.
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A Wood-Chopping Process

Meet Psych Central’s odd(est) couple -- Gretchen Rubin and Nick Saban.

Rubin is a New York Times best-selling author, producing self-improvement tomes like The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. Saban is Alabama’s head football coach, collecting national championships like you and I collect stamps. Or parking tickets.  
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Anxiety and Panic

Common Brain Drains and Natural Brain Boosters

Have you ever felt unusually fatigued and generally drained? While fatigue, despite being well-rested, can generally be attributed to many things, the cause of your malaise and mental funk might be quickly resolved by first recognizing and identifying the stress triggers that could be the underlying culprit behind your morose mood, and replacing them with healthy brain boosters instead.
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8 Ways to Avoid the Monday Morning Blues

Most of us in the middle of our (enjoyable) Sundays or when we get up on Sunday morning begin to have that dreaded feeling about work. That feeling can suddenly sneak up on us, and in a way slowly begins to damper the rest of the day.

While we can’t avoid the sometimes overwhelming feeling of what needs to be done throughout the work week, or on any given Monday morning, we can devise a plan not to psyche ourselves up as much by getting ahead of the game. Doing so will ameliorate the anxiety provoking situation at hand so we can truly learn the meaning of actually enjoying our Sundays in the future.
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Freedom: Beyond Fear and Addiction

“Fear is the memory of pain. Addiction is the memory of pleasure. Freedom is beyond both.” - Deepak Chopra
Is there anyone among us who hasn’t experienced fear? When it happens, it appears the powerful emotion completely takes hold. You can’t breathe. It’s difficult to think clearly, let alone make responsible decisions. Every bad thing that ever happened, all the pain you felt, wells up inside you and that’s all you remember. Worst of all, fear stops you in your tracks and all forward momentum may suddenly cease.
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