Marriage and Divorce

Lower the Bar, Save Your Marriage

Many people marry and soon find that their spouse is annoying -- not constantly of course, but more than they expected. Fairy tales and romantic novels suggest that a good marriage is an effortless, happily ever after experience, with the emphasis on effortless.

Rabbi Yosef Richards offers this tongue-in-cheek, but really truer to life view of marriage: “People are annoying. So find the person who annoys you the least and marry that one.”
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How to Dialogue through Successful Conflict Resolution

Relationships are hard work and in order to create healthy communication patterns, one must learn to have successful conflict resolutions. Many times you might find yourself at a communication impasse and feel increasing frustration.  It’s common to feel as though there isn’t a way around it and just to escape the conflict or to react negatively to it… but there is a better way.
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Brain and Behavior

Why We Put Off Life’s Most Important Things

No question about it. Life is messy, complicated, complex and full of surprises. There’s always a lot to do and the feeling that there isn’t enough time to deal with what needs to be done. In fact, however, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to taking care of some of life’s most important decisions. Why do we put off what’s necessary, often inevitable, and can make such a difference? It often has a root in
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What’s in a Moment?

As Josh did the dishes, his mind wandered to a memory of lost love. He was happier back then. Regrets washed over him.

Frank checked his cellphone the very instant he was left alone. He welcomed the distraction.

Charlie barely noticed the people around him on the bus. He was busy thinking about the mistakes he made that day.
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Holiday Coping

How to Love Valentine’s Day When You’re Not in Love

There is so much hype around Valentine’s Day every year. Red and pink everything, in every store, and all over the internet. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE Valentine’s Day! But what about those years when I wasn’t in love, or didn’t have a significant other to share it with? I wish that someone would have given me some ideas on how to celebrate myself, and some  ideas to experience self-love and self-compassion. Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to do! You don’t have to be in love or have a significant other to enjoy Valentine’s Day. And not only that, but Valentine’s Day could be any day to be able to show yourself some love and compassion.
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