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When You’re Scared of Feeling Your Feelings

Experiencing sadness, anger, anxiety and other “negative” feelings can be hard. In fact, many of us just don't do it. Because we're afraid. We've “been taught that [negative emotions] are ‘not OK,’ that there is not a way to address them, or that they are not valid feelings,” said Britton Peters, a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Washington.

Maybe when you cried, your caregivers told you to be quiet and get over it. Maybe they sent you to time-out. Maybe they told you to stop whining and be strong.
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Overcoming Failure Mentality: Why Small Steps Are the Key to Lifestyle Change

The desire to improve ourselves and become happier in our lives is something the majority of us experience. We’re always promising ourselves that tomorrow is the day that we’re going to start eating better, exercising more, getting organized and working harder. It’s a perpetual to-do list which states that as soon as we get our act together and transform our habits, our lives will be changed.

Unfortunately, it’s also this very attitude that ensures we never actually do it. We make New Year’s Resolutions each year, and more often than not they are the same commitments, made again and again. The mantra of “I’ve ruined this week, I’ll start again on Monday” keeps us eating badly, not exercising, retaining bad habits like smoking, and leaving our projects unfinished.
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It’s Not the Wedding — It’s the Marriage!

Mia found wedding planning stressful. Her mother’s was obsessing over the invitations, flowers, color scheme, favors, hors d’oeuvres, guest list, and other details -- so much that it seemed like she was the one getting married.

Exasperated as her mother droned on about ice sculptures and chocolate fountains, Mia wished she had decided to elope. She finally blurted out: “It’s not the wedding, Mom! It’s the marriage.
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Embracing and Savoring an Imperfect Holiday Season

“This year will be different,” author and mom of four Alexandra Kuykendall inevitably tells herself every year as she pulls out her Christmas decorations. This year she won’t be tired or stressed. This year she won’t be ready for the holidays to be over.

And this year it is different, because she's vowed to focus on loving her actual Christmas, to be present in her life as it really is. Which she documents in her new book aptly titled,
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Coping with Bipolar Disorder & Depression Around the Holidays

The holidays present a special challenge to people who live with bipolar disorder or depression. The challenge is a combination of the increased stress that the holiday season often brings combined with the symptoms -- such as mania or depression -- of these disorders. As a result, people who live with bipolar disorder and those who live with depression might dread the upcoming holidays.

Whether you're stressing about money, family issues, remembering a loved one who's gone, or just feeling lonely, there are a few things you can do to cope better this time of year.

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Dealing with Disappointment

You didn’t do everything on your to-do list. You let a loved one down. You yelled at your spouse, or your six-year-old. Or both. You still haven’t gotten over your ex. You thought someone else would make you happy but they didn’t. You received a bad performance review. Your Thanksgiving dinner didn’t turn out the way you planned. Nothing has turned out the way you planned.

And you’re disappointed in yourself. You’re disappointed in your circumstances. Deeply disappointed.
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Ethics & Morality

Spouses Who Volunteer Create Awesome Marriages

You cannot love someone maturely and try to control him (or her). The behaviors of both partners should be voluntary.

As you discuss the kind of life you want to have together, focus on what really fits for you. Ideally, before marriage, you will discuss how you would like to handle money, chores and responsibilities, parenting (or step-parenting) concerns, if applicable, where you want to live, and so on.
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Alternative and Nutritional Supplements

Why Empaths and Sensitives Must Take Special Care of Their Energies

A finely tuned perception is one of the main characteristics of empaths and sensitives. They pick up on very subtle non-verbal clues, feeling the energy and emotions of others, even if they are not obviously displayed. Body language, facial expressions or simply the energy of a person are enough to perceive what is really going on. Sensitives notice when someone is inauthentic and are not easily fooled by outward appearances.

Empaths and sensitives don’t necessarily have to work things out in their mind. Often they just know. They may not be able to pinpoint how they know, but their inner radar receives information beyond the five senses. It makes many of them highly psychic or at least very intuitive. Their ability to tune into others at a very deep level is useful if they are working in a helping profession.
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4 Ways to Fight Back When Family Questions Your Career Choices

With the holidays around the corner, dinner table conversations about work are bound to come up.

It’s common to feel anxiety at the thought of explaining what you do for a living to a skeptical audience, especially when your job title can’t be summed up simply or straightforwardly.

Don’t panic yet.

It may seem difficult to get Aunt Sue to understand what the heck a Digital Strategist is or to convince Dad that you’re able to support yourself
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Grief and Loss

Managing Your Grief This Holiday Season

According to our favorite holiday movies and books, we should be serene, happy and peaceful throughout the holidays. This is rarely the case, however, for those who may be grieving the loss of a loved one. Holidays are hard when you are consumed with grief, no matter how long ago you experienced your loss.

We all experience grief differently and there is no right way to do it. The same is true for coping with a loss. How one person manages may not be the same as the next.
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Brain and Behavior

How Revisiting Your To-Do List Can Be a Good Thing

“We have to start putting ourselves on the to-do list.” – Giuliana Rancic

I don’t know about most people, but I’m an inveterate list-maker.

I have to-do lists for pending bills, lists for appointments for myself and separate ones for other family members, lists of groceries to buy at different stores, lists of deals to take advantage of, lists of birthdays, anniversaries and other important life events, lists of TV shows to record on the DVR, lists of new TV shows or movies to check out, lists of websites (so I don’t forget them or can’t retrieve them in case the computer dies), and so on.

Sometimes all these lists need a thorough cleaning. Translation: I find the best way to deal with them is to revisit each list.
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