Grief and Loss

How to Find Joy… Even When Life Is Feeling Awful

When we are experiencing loss and sadness in our life, everyday can feel like a struggle.

Whether it is recovering from loss of a loved one, divorce, a lay-off, or anything else, we forget to care for ourselves and to find joy at the time when we need it most.

Learning how to reinvent ourselves, establish our independence again, and figure out what we want during this next chapter of our lives is a bit overwhelming. Oftentimes, we may forget to see all the wonderful things that await us. 
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How to Manage Your Friends (Without Making It Awkward)

When you’re a fast-rising millennial stepping into a managerial role for the first time, there’s certainly a lot to think about. You’ve probably wondered if your older colleagues will consider you experienced enough.
Or maybe you’ve thought about how the shift in responsibility will affect your work-life balance.
But many new managers have a worry that’s seldom addressed, even though it’s widespread: how to navigate managing peers and friends.
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Children and Teens

The Importance of ’13 Reasons Why’ and It’s Reflection of Teen Mental Health

Warning: This article does include spoilers for the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why".

On March 31, 2017 Netflix released a new series titled, “13 Reasons Why”, based off the book by author Jay Asher. This series depicts a young man, Clay Jensen, and his journey to bring justice for his friend Hannah Baker. Hannah, a seventeen-year-old high school junior with nothing but the future before her, took her life on a seemingly calm afternoon. Why is this important? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that in individuals between the ages of 10 and 24 years old, suicide is the third leading cause of death.
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Psychology Around the Net: April 15, 2017

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

This week's Psychology Around the Net takes a look at some serious reasons why it might be time to quit your job, a new fake beauty ad campaign to bring awareness to mental illness, how oxytocin could help opioid addiction recovery, and more.

Oh, and a special bit at the end about the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which I just found out is currently Netflix's most tweeted about show. Yes, it's that popular. If you haven't watched yet, don't worry; I didn't include any spoilers. Still, read at your own risk.

Let's go!

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How to Tell if You’re Normal

"Am I normal?" Robert, a 24-year old programmer, asked me a few months into our work together.

"What makes you ask that question right now?" We had been talking about his new relationship and how he was feeling good about getting more serious.

"Well I just wonder if it’s normal to feel as much anxiety as I do."

"What is normal?" I asked him.

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Bullying, Incognito: Deliberate Social Exclusion

When we think of bullying, a picture of aggression is typically conjured -- the taunting, name-calling, and physical abuse. Beyond the playground in the adult world, however, bullying often takes place masked in more insidious forms. Deliberate social exclusion can manifest in many ways across situations, occurring in the context of university, work, or within a group if people not connected by their field of study or job.
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Children and Teens

Are You an Overprotective Parent?

Do you try to protect your child from both physical and emotional pain? Do you try to shield them from sadness and disappointment? Do you try to prevent them from making mistakes or taking risks? Do you do their homework or projects for them? When your child has an argument with a friend, do you call the friend’s parents to resolve it?

If you do, you’re probably an overprotective parent.
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Feeling Blah? This Might Be Why

Some days, maybe most days lately, you’ve been feeling blah. Maybe you’re going through the motions. You aren’t particularly excited about your day. Maybe you’re frustrated or lethargic. Maybe you're feeling disconnected. Maybe you’re moving about your days like a zombie.

Maybe you find yourself telling others that you’re simply in a funk, or you don’t care about anything right now. Maybe you say, “I did nothing this weekend but sit on the couch and binge watch TV -- again!” According to therapist Chris Kingman, LCSW, these are other ways of expressing the same thing: Your blah feelings.
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Brain and Behavior

Are You Codependent or Just Caring?

The word “codependency” -- our tendency to deny our own wants in order to serve others -- has entered the mainstream vocabulary. The concept evolved from the term “co-alcoholic,” which describes an alcoholic partner’s passive, enabling behaviors but neglects to recognize how they are being affected and fails to affirm their own needs and limits.

At the heart of codependency is ignoring or bypassing our own inner life in favor of responding automatically to others’ real or imagined needs

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