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Children and Teens

Should I Talk to My Child about Suicide?

Of all the conversations parents are uncomfortable having with their children, perhaps none is as daunting as talking about suicide.

Unfortunately, this is a topic that has to be tackled sooner rather than later given that suicide is currently the third leading cause of death among adolescents aged 10-14 and the second leading cause of death for those aged 15-24, according to the 
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Broadening Your Mind Through Friendship

I have a friend from high school. It’s the classic sentence that starts every character evaluation, diagnosis, and competition. Maybe it’s because high school is frozen in a space outside normal time where friends became more than the person who sat next to you in social studies. Close friendships have an undeniable power that can affect people long after childhood. Especially for women.

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Psychology Around the Net: September 23, 2017

Don't let the picture fool you! If you're dealing with depression, you might want to cut back on counting sheep and take a look at what sleep deprivation can do to help your moods (says some research).

Also, keep going for a look at how psychology training might benefit entrepreneurs more than business training, why getting angry every now and then is a good thing, the psychology behind paying so much money for an iPhone (or any product you don't expect to cost that much), and more.

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Psychology Around the Net: September 2, 2017

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

If you're here in America, I hope you're taking advantage of the three-day holiday weekend -- unless, of course, you or a loved one has been hit by tragedy Hurricane Harvey has caused. I've seen so many donation requests over the past few days -- everything from money to basic items you wouldn't even think of (at least I didn't) like diapers -- and it makes me proud to know that even in this country's turbulent times, we're still here for each other.

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Why It’s So Important to Hold On to Hope

Five years ago, I wrote about the correlation between expectations and happiness -- lower your expectations and you will be happier -- reign in expectations and stress and despair won’t be prominent when life does not go according to plan. And perhaps there is a semblance of truth to that notion.

But here’s where it’s nuanced. With diminished expectations, we chip away at hope. And how can we not hope for a better tomorrow? I consider myself to be someone with spirit. I become excited when I have an idea. I look forward to experiences and anticipate memorable ones. And while it’s important to cope when such experiences fall through, I think it’s even more important to hold onto what was originally present -- that sense of hope.
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Psychology Around the Net: August 26, 2017

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

Can you believe it's the last weekend of August? I know summer doesn't technically end as soon as August is over, but...where did the summer go?!

Well, before you head out to enjoy the weekend, take some time to catch up on the science of spirituality, why having a best friend as a teenager helps develop a sense of self later in life, how winning the lottery will contribute little to your level of happiness, and more.

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