Should Your Husband Be Your BFF?

“Marriages are forms of super friendship” - John F. Helliwell, Senior Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research    
Some marriages begin with love at first sight. Usually, but not always, they fail after the initial buzz wears off. Others begin with a friendship that grows into love. This kind of marriage is more likely to succeed in the long run.
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How to Live Life with Integrity

“Live your life with integrity… Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.” – Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
When it seems like all the world is engaged in lies and deceit, it can be tough to hold onto your integrity. Yet, this is so crucial to living life in harmony and balance that it bears reconsidering the effort it takes to...
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Couples in Conflict, Try This Now

As a therapist I have an aversion to short lists of quick tips, because individuals and their relationships are so complex and idiosyncratic. However, as a busy person, I am always appreciative when an experienced insider can simplify a domain for which I have little time or energy. Drawing on a decade of psychotherapy with couples in crisis, here are five quick - though not easy  - ways to respond when you feel stuck in a conflict with your partner.  
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5 Red Flags Your Relationship Is Toxic

Do NOT miss these signs.

When we’re in the thick of our day-to-day life with an *******, we don’t see the long-term negative impact our relationship has on our mood, self-esteem, self-confidence, values, goals and our other meaningful relationships. We can transform from a motivated, healthy, happy person into a miserable, sniveling wreck no one wants to be around without even knowing it’s happening.

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Grief and Loss

Why We Grieve So Intensely for Our Pets

Your own pet is never "just a dog."

My wife and I recently went through one of the more excruciatingly sorrowful experiences of our long married life: the death of a pet -- the euthanasia of our beloved dog, Murphy.

Losing a dog is hard enough; setting the time and date in advance and then counting down the hours that we had left with her was almost more than we could bear.

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2 Things We Say that Dilute Contact

How do you respond when people offer a heartfelt compliment or word of appreciation? Are you able to receive it gracefully or does it make you uncomfortable?

Often we don't avail ourselves of the simple intimacies that can affect the quality of our day. We let moments slip by without being alert to the possibilities of a richer connection, however brief it might be. Paying attention to our language and how we feel inside when someone does something kind can create a lovely bridge between our worlds.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Therapist

Sometimes when confronted with the harsh realities of life and how to effectively cope with such situations, it might be worth it to seek out a qualified therapist who is able to be objective, while helping you resolve any recurring problem, however short or long term you are currently challenged by. Once you do get there, either by referral, word of mouth, or your own research, it is important to give the therapist 2-3 sessions before making your decision to see if it’s the right fit, and would like to continue.
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