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Too Much Time on Your Hands?

Everybody’s always complaining about how busy they are. Stressed out, running around, too much to do, no time to relax.

Yet, the opposite problem exists for many people. They have too much time on their hands. Nothing to do and all day to do it. And, that’s not just retired or unemployed folks. It’s also working people who don’t know how to spend their time off.  So what do they do? They keep working.  Surprisingly, more than half of Americans don’t take all their paid vacation days.
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Psychology Around the Net: April 15, 2017

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

This week's Psychology Around the Net takes a look at some serious reasons why it might be time to quit your job, a new fake beauty ad campaign to bring awareness to mental illness, how oxytocin could help opioid addiction recovery, and more.

Oh, and a special bit at the end about the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which I just found out is currently Netflix's most tweeted about show. Yes, it's that popular. If you haven't watched yet, don't worry; I didn't include any spoilers. Still, read at your own risk.

Let's go!

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Bullying, Incognito: Deliberate Social Exclusion

When we think of bullying, a picture of aggression is typically conjured -- the taunting, name-calling, and physical abuse. Beyond the playground in the adult world, however, bullying often takes place masked in more insidious forms. Deliberate social exclusion can manifest in many ways across situations, occurring in the context of university, work, or within a group if people not connected by their field of study or job.
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Industrial and Workplace

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Happiness

A while ago, I was laid off from a 9-5 job. It was not one I particularly loved, and I remember feeling bored and stifled with it.

Nevertheless, I started to panic, because at least it paid the bills and the thought of financial uncertainty terrified me.

But here’s where my own missteps came in: As I started to assemble a resume, apply for new jobs, desperately hoping I would find employment soon, a voice in the back of my head get chiming in.
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We Are All Coaches

A great number of people work as coaches, with specialties ranging from health and weight loss to life transitions and general goal setting. But even if you aren’t a professional coach, you still -- whether you’re aware of it or not -- use coaching methods to help encourage, understand, and motivate others.

Whether it’s urging your teenage daughter to clean her room, helping a friend with her next career move, or prompting a co-worker to pull his or her own weight, coaching helps both ourselves and others lead more productive, positive lives.
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What It Takes to Be Successful

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failing, loyalty, and persistence.” – Colin Powell
With all the books, podcasts, blogs and feature stories touting various success tips, you’d think the world is populated with people at their wit’s end, all striving and climbing in a relentless pursuit to achieve what they think will make them happy.

One of the reasons for the...
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ADHD and Adults: How to Create a Routine When You Don’t Have a 9 to 5

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur. Maybe you’re a real estate agent or writer. Maybe you’re an artist or a photographer. Maybe you’re a graphic or web designer. Maybe you’re a coach or consultant. Maybe you’re an attorney with your own practice.

Whatever your profession, you aren’t tied to a desk and you don’t have specific work hours -- like 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. And you also have ADHD, which makes not having a built-in structure challenging.
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