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Coping With What You Can’t Control

There are many things in life we can’t control—everything from tiny annoyances to tragedies. We can’t control if our grandmother gets cancer and passes away. We can’t control if we get cancer.

We can’t control what others think, say or do. We can’t control what others think of us. We can’t control who our loved ones hang out with. We can’t control who we work with or who’s in charge. We can’t control Mother Nature, or today’s traffic.

But, of course, we can control our reactions to all the things we can’t control.
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Exercise & Fitness

The Power of Sleep: 5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Patterns for Lasting Mental Health

A full night's rest is rare these days and when it comes to your mental and emotional health it is critical. Research shows that we can be more irritable and easily frustrated with lack of sleep. We may have a short-temper and perceive our experiences with increased fear and worry. We may also suffer cognitive deficits and memory problems. We suffer and our relationships suffer too.

To help you get more restorative sleep, review these great tips that will help you transition your way into an energizing morning. You may not even need that second cup of coffee!
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The Surprising Health Benefits of Swearing

No one needs to tell you that having a potty mouth is crass and vulgar. In fact, ever since we were little children we were told not to curse or swear excessively. While this advice seems well intentioned with respect to social decorum, science says otherwise. In fact, science reveals that a little cursing here and there can actually be a balm for our soul. How so? Let us examine how this seemingly bad habit can turn into something surprisingly comforting when the moment calls for it.
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Psychology Around the Net: August 26, 2017

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

Can you believe it's the last weekend of August? I know summer doesn't technically end as soon as August is over, but...where did the summer go?!

Well, before you head out to enjoy the weekend, take some time to catch up on the science of spirituality, why having a best friend as a teenager helps develop a sense of self later in life, how winning the lottery will contribute little to your level of happiness, and more.

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The Mirror: A Place to Be Compassionate

I know many compassionate people. They are kind. They are forgiving. They are charitable towards others. And yet, they are mean, vindictive and show no mercy when they assess themselves in the mirror.

I doubt that it will come as a surprise to you that most (but not all) of these people are women. Oops, I should say girls and women. For the syndrome begins with pre-teens and travels the length of time to great-grandmas.  
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Forever Losing Things? Does that Mean You’re Losing Your Mind?

Are you one of those people who would like to be able to lose weight as easily as you lose everything else in your life? Do you sometimes think you might be an absent-minded professor even though you’ve not stepped foot on a college campus in decades? Do you worry that not only are you forever losing your keys, your glasses, your phone, and your ‘you-name-it,’ but perhaps you’re also losing your mind?

If you’re nodding your head ‘yes,’ keep reading. You’ve got company. Mega-company. And your compadres are not losing their minds. Nope, they’re too busy losing other things to bother with senility.
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Anxiety and Panic

The Real Reason You Should Laugh Today

Laughter has long been regarded as a healing remedy of sorts. Laugher is not only beneficial for the soul, and one’s spirit, but laughter therapy is currently being utilized alongside traditional therapy and/or medication for those suffering from anxiety, and other depressive symptoms.

Since a person’s moods can ebb and flow while he/she rides the waves of life, even without an anxiety/depressive condition present, it is important to keep in mind the scientific benefits of laughing, or humor in general. The benefits below might give you a reason to smile today.
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Should You Record Your Doctor’s Visits?

My mother is 84 years old, and like many people her age, she has a host of medical issues. She regularly sees a primary care doctor, a cardiologist, an endocrinologist, a rheumatologist, a neurologist, a gastroenterologist, a dermatologist, and an ophthalmologist. She takes a lot of medication, and typically every few months it is recommended she undergo some type of “new” test or procedure. While I believe that bouncing from one doctor to another is not the best health care model, that’s a topic for another day. Today the question is, “How is she supposed to keep track of all the health care information bombarded at her?”
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Why WebMD Should Run Away from Internet Brands/KKR Deal

Practically everybody knows and uses WebMD, and most people generally have respect for this mainstay commercial health website. The kind of health information it publishes is generally good and well-vetted -- people trust it. They've also drawn a clear line between their advertising and editorial departments. I have never once been unclear what is advertising and what is editorial content on a WebMD site.

In short, most people respect WebMD.

The same cannot be said for some of the dubious health properties under the Internet Brands umbrella. Just a cursory review of a few of their health websites demonstrate everything that WebMD is not -- seemingly unethical, ad-cluttered sites that are more about revenue generation than providing high-quality health content.

That's why WebMD should run, not walk, away from the deal to be acquired by Internet Brands.

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