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Anxiety and Panic

Stroller Wars: Parenthood Isn’t for Everyone

“Just wait until you have your own kids; you will see,” a friend’s mother claims. “Kids are such a joy.”

Within ten minutes, I experienced that joy firsthand. As my college buddy and I attempted to fritter away a lazy Saturday, his kid was having a bigger meltdown than Chernobyl. First, she hurled a toy at her young brother. And when that flying projectile didn’t connect, she opted for a solid right hook. That connected -- and induced a shrieking cry heard 'round Seattle.

“Maybe, it is time for Uncle Matt to exit stage right,” I laughed -- exchanging merciful, pitying looks with my college buddy.
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Children and Teens

5 Ways to Make Happy Family Memories

The Importance of Making Positive Family Memories

Yesterday was one of those perfect late summer days at the local state park and beach. The sun was bright. The water was cool. Families from surrounding towns had come and set up their “camps” for the day. A beach umbrella or pop up canopy or just a spread out towel or two marked their spots. The air was permeated with smells of sunscreen and charcoal.
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5 Things to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Listen

You ask your child to do something. They refuse. You ask nicely. They still refuse. You raise your voice just a bit to let them know you’re serious. And they refuse, again. You try to bribe them. And you get the same reaction. You finally send them to time-out or try a different discipline technique. And they still refuse—with the added bonus of being in a full-on, ear-splitting, sobbing tantrum.

Sound familiar?
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Children and Teens

Sex and Your Teen — The Elephant in the Room

So, your 16-year-old daughter wants to have her boyfriend over for a sleepover?

It can be doing difficult to navigate sexuality and intimacy with teens of this generation as this " hook up " mentality leaves us parents feeling that teens are far too gung-ho and blaze about sex and that they don't give it the respect and boundary expectations that we may give it. We may have grown up with a very different sexual philosophy and this can be compounded if we have different religious and spiritual views to our teenager.
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Children and Teens

Is Your Teen Withdrawn and Won’t Leave Their Room?

We know there is something wrong but they just won’t talk -- to anyone. Many times, the first time we notice our teen is different is when they withdraw from us and their life. They seem to spend so much time in their room, watching YouTube or playing video games and rarely seem to be going out with friends or doing their usual hobbies. They barely talk at dinner and seem to be only momentarily engaged with family and friends. Or as I call it, the “‘needs to know’ basic mode”. Walking around with their “Do Not Disturb” sign activated.
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Children and Teens

Driving Your Own Bus

“I am not going to Cancun,” I barked -- defiance lining my voice.  

Eyebrows arched, my saintly mother glowed at me. “What do you mean you aren’t going to Cancun? You are not spending the week at home; you can spend the weekend in Duluth with your grandfather,” she coolly responded.

“Fine, I’ll go see Grandpa Arnold,” I smirked before stomping off in a pique of high school frustration.
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You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught: How to Explain Hatred to Your Children

With world events occurring at lightning/frightening speed, adults who may be bewildered themselves, may feel at a loss to answer the questions their young ones may have about topics they see broadcast on television or hear about on the school bus. In the wake of the virulent rally in Charlottesville and those that have followed since, it is an even more important topic for parents to address. Children will ask questions and it is crucial for answers to be available and not brushed under the rug, as it might seem easier to do.
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Psychology Around the Net: August 26, 2017

Happy Saturday, sweet readers!

Can you believe it's the last weekend of August? I know summer doesn't technically end as soon as August is over, but...where did the summer go?!

Well, before you head out to enjoy the weekend, take some time to catch up on the science of spirituality, why having a best friend as a teenager helps develop a sense of self later in life, how winning the lottery will contribute little to your level of happiness, and more.

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5 Ways to Safely ‘Get High’ with Your Kids

Everyone needs to feel EXTRA alive sometimes.

I've been thinking lately about the term “getting high”, as it is so commonly used in our culture today.

As a student of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), I know the real power our language has in influencing our lives.

This leads me to wonder about the relationship between how we define getting high and the epidemic we now face with substance use disorder in our country.

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