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Best of Our Blogs: June 20, 2017

There are traits in this country that we equate with weakness and shame, but are actually signs of courage and strength.

Asking for help, showing your vulnerability and saying, "No" for example are all indications of self-worth, self-care and emotional health.

People who try to do it all, appear invulnerable and people please are usually the ones that need the most help and support.

The next time you call a friend, seek a therapist or say, "No" to an event, replace your sense of weakness and shame with strength, courage and self-love.

Still sorting through this past Father's Day? Our top posts will help you get through it.
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Best of Our Blogs: June 16, 2017

There's one thing you can do right now to improve your relationships with others, cultivate greater peace and be more efficient.

Can you guess what it is?

Slow down.

Slow down your movements. Slow down to listen to how you feel, what he or she said, and what's going on around you.

We're always anticipating the next thing. But rushing from one thing to the next isn't only exhausting it pushes us from the present moment.

Slowing down gives us time to reflect, pause and do things carefully. In this culture of instant gratification and responses, slowing down, not speeding up will give us what we're really searching for.

Practice the art of slowing down by carefully not speed reading our top posts.

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Best of Our Blogs: June 13, 2017

Your doctor may have created a treatment protocol for your physical health. You may have a business protocol at work. But creating a mental health protocol could also do wonders for your emotional well-being.

Setting up a systemized plan can give you a sense of control and organize your day.

Recently, I started my own wellness schedule that consists of things like daily meditation, afternoon calming tea, and evening walks.

You could create your own plan for anything, more creativity, greater awareness and to help you get more rest at night.

Consider planning out a mental health summer retreat, which could simply include taking yoga (online or in person), cooking with ingredients from the farmer's market, seeing a therapist and reading up on ways to work on your self-care and healing. Our top posts this week on narcissism, emotional neglect and abusive families will help you get started.
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Best of Our Blogs: June 9, 2017

At any time, I've got something in the palm of my hand be it a phone, remote control or my laptop. I often wonder if this constant need to be busy is affecting my ability to stay present with myself and my sons. More importantly, why am I doing it? Is it really serving me? Is my need to be in the know affecting my ability to know what's going around me now?

If you're like me and can't seem to stay hands-free, consider why you're doing it. Is knowing the best city to move to or most trendy paint color really more important than the flower in front of you, or feeling of peace?

I have to admit that while I'm still an avid tech user, I do give myself check-ins during the day. Instead of automatically checking my email, a brief pause helps me consciously choose why I'm doing it and what I'm sacrificing as a result.
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Best of Our Blogs: June 6, 2017

I love what Judith Orloff, MD says in her book The Empath's Survival Guide about protecting yourself from toxic people. In addition to setting boundaries and politely saying, "No," she confesses times when she left situations that didn't feel good to her:
"It was awkward, but I chose my well-being over 'social correctedness,' and sticking it out."
Many of us don't speak up or set boundaries because we're afraid of the social repercussions. The aftermath of not listening to ourselves, however, has detrimental consequences. It can affect our physical and mental health when we do things to please others or can't say, "No" to unhealthy situations and relationships. But it is also a form of self-abandonment.

The next time you encounter a potentially toxic situation, be clear about the decision you're making. Will you choose to be there for others or yourself?
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Best of Our Blogs: June 2, 2017

On a daily basis, your mind is flooded with activity. If it's like mine, many of those thoughts are negative. It's focusing on what you didn't say, your failures, not to mention your thighs.

We're often cognizant of our diet, but less conscious of the emotional food we're digesting every day. Want an easy way to shift your mood? Simply switch the station.

Feed your mind with good for you thoughts. But don't just think of it, feel it.

Remember how you felt when you went hiking with a friend, a child hugged you or sinked into a warm bath? Remember what it feels like to feel loved, at peace, and purposeful? Take several doses of that experience daily and you will feel better, instantly.
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Best of Our Blogs: May 30, 2017

One of the most difficult things about illness, either physical or mental, is how much of an impact it can have on one's life.

On rough days, it's easy to fantasize about life free without the burdens that come with it. How nice it would be to go about your day with a sense of ease.

I know it's hard to be you sometimes. It's difficult to maneuver the world when your anxiety or disease prevents you from being your best self.

It may seem like what you're struggling with is the hardest thing in the world. You may feel alone in dealing with your anger, your messy household, your narcissistic parent, and even abuse. But there is hope in all of our stories. Just when you're worn down, and fed up, you find solace, peace and healing around the corner.
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Best of Our Blogs: May 26, 2017

We're nearing the end of Mental Health Awareness Month. But there are still things you can do. I received an email that certain brands will make a donation to a mental health charity of your choice when you make a purchase online. You can learn more about that here.

Mental Health America also has downloadable toolkits with resources, materials and info graphs that can help bring awareness to risky behaviors associated with mental illness. This page of social media feeds, for example, provides a realistic description of what mental illness really looks like.

Whether it's sharing your story or our blog posts, let us know what you're doing to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month.
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Best of Our Blogs

Best of Our Blogs: May 23, 2017

How much energy do you spend on your physical health? Many of us devote a lot of time to fixing our outward appearance, but neglect our emotional health.

It takes but a simple mind-shift.

The next time you decide to go out to get fit, think about the emotional benefits. Spend less energy on worrying about your thighs and more about how you feel. Instead of taking an intense class to get fab abs, consider a hike or walk with a friend. And change your attitude about food by becoming less obsessed with how much fat and calories are in what you're eating and more aware of how the foods you eat make you feel.

To be emotionally well, we simply need to tune in. Stay awake while reading our posts this week and you may even discover the answers to your questions like whether your love interest is a narcissist, your co-worker is exhibiting traits common in bipolar disorder and if you're in a toxic relationship.
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Best of Our Blogs

Best of Our Blogs: May 19, 2017

Lately, I've been into radical self-care. Some days this means lying in bed. Other days it means walking barefoot in the grass. Rest is not easy for me. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is active and engaged, and I am but an observer.

Reflecting on the months I've spent doing less, however, I realized I've gained much more than I lost. I've gained a truer sense of what it means to live. I once thought that accomplishing was the only path towards a meaningful life. But I now know that being present in ordinary moments are richer ways to interact with the world. Through conscious awareness, I'm actually much more involved than I was when I was rushing around getting things done.

If you're also desiring a slower paced life, you'll be thrilled with this week's posts. From learning about psychoanalysis and your relationships to using creativity to deal with stress, these mini lessons will help you breathe a little deeper and grow closer to a more meaningful life.
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Best of Our Blogs: May 16, 2017

Mother's Day has come and passed. But you may still be reeling from the dysfunctional festivities.

Hurt can lay dormant for years before it's plucked back into consciousness from an insensitive remark. All it takes is criticism from a toxic mother or reminder that the person who raised you never really knew you to start the spiral of deep emotional pain.

If you need a little healing, grab a cup of tea and curl up with these five good reads. These posts will relieve your guilt, transform the way you saw your childhood and help you recreate what Mother's Day means to you.
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Best of Our Blogs

Best of Our Blogs: May 12, 2017

Most of us have complicated relationships with our mothers. This makes holidays like the upcoming Mother's Day difficult. Whether or not she is in our lives, it may be a reminder of the relationship we don't have with her, which can cause grief and even anger.

Instead of succumbing to another disappointing holiday of unfulfilled expectations, I suggest you find alternative ways to enjoy the day. If you have kids, celebrate it with them or if you don't, take time to mother yourself.

Our posts this week, give hope, support and reason to make it a special day no matter what you're struggling with.
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