Happy New Year, Psych Central readers!

Are you ready to start 2016 off with a bang? We sure are!

Below are some of the past week’s trending mental health topics we’d like to share. Read up on mental health successes in 2015, why New Year’s resolutions can cause more harm than good, how psychology is working with today’s technology, and more.

7 Ways 2015 Was Defined by Mental Health: From celebrity advocates to more effective screenings and treatments, get an overview of the mental health strides we saw last year.

Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Do More Harm Than Good: One psychologist claims “we’re really bad at setting reasonable goals” and when we don’t meet them, we’re filled with anxiety and lowered self-worth.

How Psychology Is Adapting to the World of Tech: Thanks to online therapy and wellness-based mobile applications, the mental health field is using more accessible and convenient platforms.

Why Some Children With Depressed Parents Show Resilience: While past studies have show children whose parents suffer from mental health problems tend to have a higher risk of mental health issues themselves, new research suggests that a child with a mentally ill parent could actually strengthen his or her mental well-being.

How to Be a Good Listener When Someone Needs to Vent: You don’t have to be a trained therapist to listen when a friend needs to let loose every now and then. Learn how to make those you care about feel comfortable, understood, and validated.

Harvard Psychiatrist Says 3 Things Are the Secret to Real Happiness: We won’t give them away here, but let’s just say you should focus on your interactions with others…

How Having Anxiety Could Give You a Social Advantage: Saaay whaaat? You read that correctly. New research suggests “people with higher levels of anxiety may react better and more efficiently to threatening situations.”