“We have a spiritual longing for community and relatedness and for a cosmic vision, but we go after them with literal hardware instead of with sensitivity of the heart. We want to know all about peoples from far away places, but we don’t want to feel emotionally connected to them.

We are showered with information about living healthfully, but we have largely lost our sense of the body’s wisdom. We can tune in to news reports and know what is happening in every corner of the world, but we don’t seem to have much wisdom in dealing with these world problems. We have many demanding academic programs in professional psychology, and states often have rigid requirements for the practice of psychotherapy, and yet there is undoubtedly a severe dearth of wisdom about the mysteries of the soul.” – Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

If you’ve ever wondered where all your time went,

if your days are impossibly full,

if you wish you had more than 24 hours in a day,

I beg you to consider whether you’re doing what’s necessary to nourish your soul.

As Moore says in the quote above, we often inundate ourselves with information about the world. We seek answers through pills. We seek connection through technology. We distract ourselves from our own problems with the problems of the world.

Temporarily, it fills us. Long-term we grow further and more distant from our inner wisdom. Eventually, we don’t even recognize our own selves.

Instead of escaping your problems by immediate remedies and the promise of instantaneous relief, I hope this week’s post will inspire you to listen to your body’s wisdom and take your precious time to reveal what you need most right now to soothe what hurts, repair old wounds and to take care of yourself.

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