We’re gearing up for a long weekend. For those who have the day off on Labor Day, how will you spend your time?

I’ve noticed recently that doing no-thing does not feel restful, healing, nor meditative. It feels uncomfortable and anxiety provoking.

Forced to lay still in my yoga class, I realized that all that busy-ness made doing, achieving, and checking things off my to-do list feel normal. But nothing wasn’t empty. Nothing wasn’t void of meaning. Nothing was rich of possibility, potential and faith that if I were to surrender to the moment, all of my questions would eventually be answered and that everything I ever thought I needed or wanted already existed inside of me.

It’s the answer that continues to save me whether I’m having trouble coping with or taking responsibility for my emotions. Silence can soothe the difficulties that external resources can’t resolve.

This holiday, I hope you’ll devote at least a few minutes to doing nothing. Turn off your television. Shut off your laptop. Silence your smartphone. Let those answers sit unresolved. Let your body rest in inactivity. And just be.

{Photo from here.}

{Photo from here.}

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