Why You Struggle With Relationships

If you’re constantly stumbling over relationships with relatives, co-workers, friends and romantic partners, you’re probably fed up. Maybe you want to give up. But before you throw in the towel, check out this Sounds True podcast with clinical psychologist Dr. Welwood. Here is a snippet that explains the root of our own relationship wounds.

“You know, I have a friend who had a baby recently and I’ve been hanging out with the baby a lot, and it’s so clear that this little baby is a bundle of love, sailed in from the universe, and we start out that way. The thing is that people are already so wounded—our parents, and the people around us are already so wounded—they are cut off from the heart, cut off from their true nature, cut off from the capacity to really be in full conscious relationship with other beings.

When that happens, the child goes into shock, essentially, because that child doesn’t know what’s going on or how to understand that—or know what to do with it, even. The child doesn’t have the capacity to know what to do with it. The child’s nervous system is completely undeveloped and can’t process anything like that, or begin to understand it.

So what we all do, very understandably, is we shut down, and that shutdown cuts us off from our essential nature—as love, as openness, as awareness. That is the basic wound. And then we wind up feeling disconnected and feeling sort of bad about ourselves, and that actually goes further—in our culture…We wind up feeling there’s something wrong with us—that we’re not actually lovable in and of ourselves or who we are.”

Feeling inadequate and unlovable are understandable given the pain that persists from childhood. But what do you do now to improve your relationship with others and yourself? Keep reading. Our posts this week provide tips on when to communicate, how to find your life purpose and how to make your partner appreciate you.

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