For the past few years I’ve been battling an autoimmune disease. On bad days, it wreaks havoc on my physical and emotional health. The hardest part of dealing with the illness, however, is not fighting it, but myself.

When things are going well, it’s almost a non-issue. As a result, I might let things slide a bit forgetting the importance of self-care. I’ll start to eat foods that don’t serve me, sleep a little too late, or work a little too much. And then when I’m sick again, I feel defeated. The greatest challenge is to be kind to myself when I mess up. Because I will.

The same can be said whether you’re battling an illness, making life-enhancing decisions, coping with your inner critic or teaching your children how to have a healthy relationship with their emotions. We all have days when we make mistakes. The only way to have the stamina to persevere is to meet each disappointment with kindness, acceptance and the belief that while we screwed up today, we can always try again tomorrow.

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{Photo from here.}

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