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This week’s Psychology Around the Net is all about older adults and sleep, depressed children, and — thank goodness — tips for happiness!

How Sleep Changes as You Age, and Why You’ll Need Even More of It: As we get older, we don’t sleep as much as when we were younger; however, as our bodies change, we need that sleep. Learn more about this Catch-22.

Pope Francis Issues Top 10 Tips for Happiness: Our favorites? Could be a tie between “live and let live” and have a “healthy sense of leisure.”

StubHub Increases Sales By Playing To A Simple Game Of Psychology With “All In Pricing”: Find out how the major ticket re-seller’s “All In Pricing” method has increased sales and, as Chief Marketing Officer Michael Lattig puts it, works to offer the “best experience possible.”

How to Turn Worries About the Future Into Action Right Now: Can anxiety actually work for us?

What Happiness Might Have to Do With Your Genes: Check out this new research that takes a look at the genetic makeup of people who are notoriously happy (ahem, Denmark) up against folks in more than 100 countries in the world.

Obamacare Leads to Surge in Mental-Health Treatment: An Obamacare provision allowing parents to keep their adult children on their health insurance has led to an increase in mental health and substance abuse treatment among young people.

Depressed Preschoolers Are More Than 2 Times At Risk Of Depression Through Childhood; Moms Just Make It Worse: Depressed preschoolers (what?!) can lead to longer-lasting childhood depression, and new research suggests mothers play a role in the diagnosis.