In every person’s life there is pause. There is the calm before the storm. There are hills and valleys. There is chaos and time for rest.

How you interpret moments of perceive stillness can speak volumes of how you live your every day.

Do you fill silence with the murmur of the television?

Do you escape non-busyness with mindless games and mindlessly surfing the internet?

Do you satisfy your craving for drama with reality TV, picking fights with loved ones, or worrying and overthinking?

Do you regard calm as unease?

Do you try to erase uncomfortable quiet with food, online shopping or gambling?

If you said, “Yes” to any of these, scroll through our list of top posts this week. Instead of filling your mind with harmful and self-sabotaging activities, soak up the words of our bloggers who will guide you through everything from growing into your best self to attracting and cultivating your best relationship.

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4 Simple Agreements That Will Help You Grow into Your Best Self
(Your Best Self) – There are four simple, but effective things you can do to improve your life. Read these inspiring words by author Don Miguel Ruiz. Do it and you will be changed forever.

Soulmates Have Best Relationships
(Healthy Romantic Relationships) – Can viewing your partner as your soulmate be good or bad for your relationship? This blogger shares why despite what recent research reported, mature people benefit from believing they were meant to be together.

5 Tips To Quit Overthinking
(Bonding Time) – How do you control obsessive thinking? Here are helpful ways to stop overthinking and start living your life.

First Dates: Are You Scaring them Away?
(Reaching Life Goals) – If you ever wondered why your fantastic first date never went any further, you need to read this. Dr. John D. Moore put together a survey of a hundred people and spoke with relationship experts to discover why you didn’t make it to the second date.

In a Relationship-Love Means Being Able to Say “NO”
(Healing Together for Couples) – It’s the hardest word you will ever say to your loved one, but also the one that has the most potential for healing, intimacy, and connection. Here’s what “No” really means in your relationship.