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Think you chose those shoes on your own? Are you making decisions for you or others? What about fatal attraction — it sounds scary, but could you be in the midst of it? Find the answers to these and more questions in this week’s Psychology Around the Net.

How Marketers Use Psychology to Influence What We Buy: There’s an array of factors that go into “helping” you decide what to purchase, and only a few of them are related to the product itself.

6 Signs You’re A Truly Genuine Person: Do you have a high self-esteem? Express vulnerability? Openly give and receive compliments? You might just be a truly genuine person.

The Hollywood Medical Reporter — To Care or Not to Care? So, should we care about examining the medical conscious Hollywood has on society, and, if so, why?

The Science of Side Projects: How Creative Hobbies Improve Our Performance at Everything: Even if they don’t actually “go anywhere,” side projects potentially can make you happier, healthier, and more productive.

Doing What’s Best for Us Even if Other People Don’t Like It: Pretty self-explanatory, right? Stop doing what you think others believe you should do, and do what’s right for YOU.

How to Cope When You and Your Partner are Falling Out of Love: “Opposites attract.” “Fatal attraction.” You’ve heard it all before. Now find out how they play into love — more specifically, falling out of love.

Gay Marriage and the Political Psychology of Disgust: Researchers believe they’re zeroing in on why some folks have a “gut reaction” to homosexuality.

Color Psychology: 10 Ways Colors Trick You Everyday: Check out this cool infographic and following commentary on how colors affect us on a daily basis.