It is the unknown that scares us most. Pain, anguish, hurt can be grounding. They can prepare us for future challenges. Armed with their knowledge, difficulties can direct us toward action. They can remind us of a sad familiarity from our past. They can be an unconscious justification for victimhood and evidence that life is unfair. They are much better than the unknown with its mysteries, potential for worst situations and fear.

It’s the reason why we settle for jobs, relationships, lifestyles and beliefs that no longer serve us. It’s why we choose to stay quiet. It’s why we stay stagnant instead of choosing to grow.

But the unknown is imbued with hope, growth, and change. It’s in every butterfly and open bud. It’s in the changing seasons and in our every effort to try. And try again.

You may be enduring emotional pain, worrying incessantly about what ifs, ruminating about the hurtful thing someone you love said. Maybe you’re feeling pressured to be successful or feel unworthy, unneeded, undervalued. If so, keep reading below.

Life is scary in its mysteries of the unknown. It’s easier to stay where you are than to venture into what you don’t know. But every difficulty you’ve ever endured had its purpose. There is, in fact, beauty in your scars. There is hope in your wars. Strife, pain, and even uncertainty can redirect your life. Maybe it won’t take you to the life you dreamed of, but to the one you were meant to live.

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{Photo from here.}

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