Free Webinar: Free Yourself with The Four Stages of Codependency RecoveryExpert codependency psychotherapist, writer, and professional trainer, Ross Rosenberg presents his compact and revolutionary 4-stage codependency treatment model and his “Surgeon General’s” Codependency Recovery Warning. Both were developed as a direct result of his own codependency recovery and 27 years of working with codependent clientele. These new and innovative codependency recovery concepts have been met with universally positive feedback from both professionals and non-professionals alike.

The Four Stages of Codependency Recovery realistically represents both the hardships and the rewards that occur in the codependency recovery experience. It depicts the incremental nature of the recovery in an accurate and intuitive manner.

If you’re struggling with codependence, the Four Steps Codependency Recovery treatment will:

  • prepare you for the fight of a lifetime
  • inspire you with optimism and a vision of future relational health
  • arm you with information about the challenges and potential losses ahead
  • offer life-changing benefits and rewards
  • provide strategies and prepare you for potential self-sabotage or relapse during recovery

The Four Stages of Codependency Recovery are:

Stage 1: Setting Boundaries
Stage 2: Maintaining Boundaries in a Hostile Environment
Stage 3: Building New Relationships
Stage 4: Reinforcing/Strengthening New Relationships

Like the real Surgeon General’s warning, Ross prepares his clients for the battle of their lifetime. His “Surgeon General’s Warning” is an ethical and moral mandate that all therapists working with codependents should utilize. The “Warning” facilitates an accurate understanding of positive and negative experiences of codependency recovery. Similarly, it sets up the important cost/benefit dialogue that instills hope, while preparing the codependent client for this challenging transformation. Knowing both the positives and negatives, recovering codependents can make a life-altering informed decision.

Presenter: Ross Rosenberg, LCPC, CADC

DATE: Monday, July 28, 7 – 8:00 pm EDT

This webinar is a live 60-minute seminar, with a PowerPoint presentation.

Presented by Psych Central with host Zoë Kessler. There is no charge for the webinar.

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