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We cover everything from the pain of being a redhead (yes, there’s potentially such a thing) to the pain of making up from an argument in this week’s Psychology Around the Net.

The Psychology of Making Purchases With Cash and Credit: Australian Dr. Paul Harrison dives into the psychology behind making purchases with credit, debit, and cash — and even examines whether using your credit or debit card can…help you lose weight?

Poor Reaction to Stress Predicts Insomnia: New research shows those folks who are at an increased risk for insomnia are the ones who are coping with stress by abusing substances or engating in self-distracting behaviors rather than adopting head-on approaches.

When Work Becomes a Haven From Stress at Home: Could juggling the demands of work be less stressful than running a home life? You might be surprised at this research.

Stress On the Job: 5 Ways You Are Mentally Sabotaging Yourself: Well, work might be less stressful than home sometimes (see above), but we feel pretty confident stating you’re guilty of at least one or three of these sabotagers.

The Pain of Being a Redhead: Yes, you read that correctly. Redheads — which make up a mere 1% of the world’s population — could have a part in their brains that process pain differently.

Follow These Five Steps to Make Up After an Argument: Ah, they sound so much easier than they are, don’t they?

How to Let Go of the Fear of Being Hurt Again: Being hurt can cause us to pause and really think about whether another relationship is actually worth it. These advice nuggets might help you realize that, while scary, moving forward is indeed the best route.