There is a great deficit in our country. But it doesn’t have to do with money. It has everything to do with love.

It is the real reason why we’re unhappy, why our partners can never do anything right, and why our kids/parents are never good enough.

Underneath our fancy clothes, impressive cars and perfect outfits, there is a secret not many of us would own up to.

In Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living, author Pema Chodron says the following:

“When we hear about compassion, it naturally brings up working with others, caring for others. The reason we’re not often there for others-whether for our child or our mother or someone who is insulting us or someone who frightens us-is that we’re not there for ourselves.”

Maybe it’s time to hang up the false appearances. Maybe it’s time to work on our own pain before we try to help or judge someone else. The road to greater happiness, joy and peace begins with being kinder to yourself. Our top post this week will show you how. Try it and you’ll be surprised by how a change in your inner dialogue can change your outer world.

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{Photo from here.}

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