Help Support TILT MagazineA longtime colleague of mine, DeeAnna Nagel, has asked for my help, and I’m glad to oblige. She and co-founder Kate Anthony started a beautifully produced publication called TILT Magazine to help mental health professionals and students better understand how technology impacts their profession. Where does a therapist go to learn about online interventions? How is cyberculture impacting the way people get help for a mental health issue?

Now they need your help in crowdfunding the continued production of the magazine through 2015 — and I hope you’ll take a moment to consider their plea.

As they note on their Kickstarter campaign page:

The Online Therapy Institute has produced TILT Magazine since 2010 and the co-founders of OTI consider TILT a labor of love. Four years later, while our readership is a small but strong niche of helping and healing professionals from around the globe, we do not have a large enough subscription base to pay for the magazine’s production costs. This is because our primary readership is our students and we want to continue to be able to offer this valuable educational resource to both our students and the larger healing community.

This project is aimed at raising the funds necessary to keep the magazine in production through the end of 2015 – funding a total of six issues. This will allow us to continue offering a free subscription to our students and supporters of the Online Therapy Institute and keep archived issues available to everyone. Any additional funds will be used for future issues beyond our immediate stated goal.

Both DeeAnna and Kate are hard-working, dedicated professionals, joined by contributors that include Jason Zack, Cedric Speyer, Julie Hanks, Marina London, Keely Kolmes, Kathleen Adams, and Marty Jencius, among many others.

This international publication brings a wide range of voices and much-needed perspectives to helping people understand the impact of technology in the behavioral healthcare field today. As they sum it up, “TILT Magazine offers cutting edge information to therapists, coaches and healers about online intervention and cyberculture.”

Please consider donating to this worthy and worthwhile cause. They are more than 70 percent of the way to their goal, so every dollar helps!

Donate & learn more here: TILT Magazine:Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology