9 Summer Activities to Spark Your Creativity

Think seasonal depression is limited to the winter months? Ever wonder why some of us are so drawn to vampires? learn more about these topics and more in today’s Psychology Around the ‘Net!

10 Signs of Summer Depression: Winter isn’t the only month when people start to feel seasonal blues.

The Psychology of American Patriotism: Can we really call it a “public health calamity” when Americans don’t feel proud to be American?

Psychosis: The Brain’s Inner Conflict: Although they’re two separate processes, how does perception and sensation work together to create “meaningful human experience”?

True Blood Psychology: Why Audiences Love Vampires: Are you a True Blood fan? What about other vampire-related fiction like Dracula and Twilight? Find out why you might be attracted to blood suckers.

Your Happy Pet: Help Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety: Anything from a change in schedule or residence to a traumatic experience can cause anxiety in dogs. Find out how you can help your pooch overcome these stressful emotions.

The Psychology of Clutter: Can crowded closets give insight into their owners’ mental health?

How Loved Ones Can Help You Cope With Depression [VIDEO]: The Guardian writer Ariane Sherine discusses with HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani how her daughter has helped her cope with depression. (You can also read the print version of the article about which they refer, “I Have Struggled With Depression and Anxiety — It Doesn’t Have to Be the End.”)