From Facebook’s creepy psychological experiment to the new “Happiness Blanket” from British Airways, check out what’s been going on around the ‘Net this week!

Selfie Psychology: Is There an Age Expiration Date for This New Trend? Ask yourself these questions to determine whether you should (still) be taking selfies.

Facebook Admits Manipulating 689,003 Users Emotions in Psychology Experiment: What’s arguably the world’s most popular social network (next to Twitter, of course) Facebook and its researchers conducted an experiment “to test whether emotional contagion was possible outside of in-person interaction.” Basically, the researchers wanted to see if they could make users happier or sadder based on what they saw in their Facebook streams. Needless to say, not everyone’s pleased and the researchers have even apologized.

25 Minutes of This Will Get Rid of Your Stress: No, it’s not sex, but it does involve a lot of breathing!

British Airways Testing ‘Happiness Blanket’ to Help You Sleep Better On Flights: Using a headband embedded with sensors, this high-tech blanket monitors your brainwaves and changes colors when your mood changes!

12 Easy Ways You Can Transform Your Day With Kindness: Make donations, bridge the gender gap, volunteer, and more!

Why We Don’t Need to Try So Hard to Be Happy: Happiness isn’t this “outside thing” for us to obtain; it’s inside and can pass through us when we least expect it.

Arizona Psychiatry Professor Says Fired Over Marijuana Research: Marijuana is a hot-button issue across America these days. Was this psychiatrist fired for her high-profile research on whether Mary Jane can help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder?