Right now what are your greatest concerns? Is it the stack of unpaid bills to your left? Are you worried about the unknown, the future, your career, your loved ones, your health or the health of your relationships?

Youth gives us the privilege of rushing past our days. I often forget that as I’m hitting my to-do list like checkpoints in a marathon. Do more. Be more. Accomplish more than you think you can. It feels like a race to the finish. But what I’m really burning up are moments in my life.

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch an early preview of the new animated movie Wrinkles starring Martin Sheen and Matthew Modine. In it, two elderly characters rebel from the institutionalism of a nursing home. It’s haunting to watch them contemplate their own mortality.

Life that was imbued with vitality, an unending amount of choices and busyness inevitably becomes a life shrunken. None of it matters-the trips, the career, past relationships. In the end, what really matters is love.

Let these posts teach us that what we’ve done or what we haven’t done, who we are and who we are not, pale in comparison to who we love.

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{Etsy print from here}

What Does Reactivity Say? Finding Balance in Your Couple Relationship (Beneath the Surface)?
(Neuroscience & Relationships) – Said something surprisingly hurtful to your partner lately? Uncover the reason behind your reactions and learn how you can heal and nurture your relationship.

PTSD Goes Beyond the Moment of Your Terror
(Trauma Informed Systems) – In honor of PTSD awareness month, this blogger shares her own personal struggles with coping with trauma in the eighties.

Abusive Relationships Affect Men Too
(Psychology of Women) – Abuse hurts both men and women. But gender rules make it particularly difficult for men to cope. Here are five reasons why it takes a lot of courage for men (as it does women) to seek help.

Out of Control: Angrier Than You Need to Be
(Anger Management) – Having trouble controlling your anger? This post provides a dialogue to help you understand the roots of angry outbursts and an explosive temper.

On Self-Care And Holding Our Breath
(Weightless) – If you’re waiting for _____ (wealth, the perfect body, the right job/relationship) before you feel worthy of happiness, you’ll waste your life away. This is a positive reminder that the moment to love, enjoy and nourish yourself is now.