Confident Black Man in Red Shirt

This week’s Psychology Around the Net covers everything from online dating and trophy wives to music and lessons in depression.

Social Psychology and Why Wearing Red Improves Your Online Dating Chances: Wearing red can remind potential partners of flushing, blushing, and even dominance!

America’s Most Depressing Jobs? Hint: if you work in the “Amusement and Recreational Services” industry, you might be in the clear.

The Psychology of Instant Gratification and How It Will Revolutionize Your Marketing Approach: Own your own business or work in the marketing field? This article will help you better understand instant gratification and how it can help your own business marketing approach.

The Real Gun Problem is Mental Health, Not the NRA: CNN commentator and author of Stop Saying You’re Fine Mel Robbins speaks out on the first thing we should look at the next time a mass shooting makes national news: the gunman and the possible lack of mental health services to which he or she had access.

Five Lessons I Learned From Dealing With Depression: Check out how depression taught one mental health consumer all about self-perception, valid feelings, seeking help, and more.

Learning to Speak Up: You Deserve to Meet Your Needs: Why is it so much “easier” for many of us to live the vicious cycle of passively ignoring our own needs only to blow up with frustration and rage when they aren’t met and then — you guessed it — go back to ignoring them again?

Music Changes the Way You Think: This might sound like a no-brainer (pun sort of intended), but there’s actually some scientific evidence to how our brains react to certain tunes — specifically, how we process information.

‘Trophy Wife’ Stereotype is Largely a Myth, New Study Shows: Thought you knew why rich men and beautiful women seem to go hand-in-hand? Think again.