All I could think about was I was late again, I was the only one who forgot snacks at our mommy group, and why oh why do other people seem ____ (calmer, more put together/accomplished) than me?

That’s one perspective to take.

I could have also focused on the fact that I manage to get up and get out of bed with my 11-month old every week, balance the load of both work-at-home and stay-at-home parent adequately well most days, or that I find time to exercise, have dinner with my husband, and go out with friends.

Instead of beating myself up about the things that are kind of unimportant when you think about it (doing more, being perfect), couldn’t we all just give ourselves a break for the things that matter? Like forgiving ourselves for messing up, for not being perfect, for hanging in there during really challenging times.

Maybe instead of shining a light on our accomplishments, we could embrace our less glaringly obvious virtues, like being there for our loved ones when they need us or being kind. The latter won’t win you applause, fame, an award or promotion, but they also will grow into the kind of gift that’s worth keeping around.

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{Photo from here.}

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