How many times has your self-worth affected you today?

It may, for example, be the reason why you grab fast food instead of healthier fare.

It’s why you stay in the same toxic relationship(s) with your job, your friends and your partner.

It’s why you live where you do, work where you work and surround yourself with the people you do.

It dictates how you walk, how you talk, how you dress, and how you introduce yourself.

An old college roommate once told me quite generously that I could wear a potato sack and look nice, yet I walk with my gaze down. It was a life-changing statement. I realized that you can’t hide the way you feel about yourself. You can dress nice, speak perfectly and act confidently, but your actions will eventually deceive you. Instead of focusing all my energies on appearing nice, normal, and capable, I would just focus on learning to like me.

That being said, it’s not easy.

It’s much easier to spend money on an outfit, a car, or the gym to make others think you’re confident than to look at the mirror and say, “Hey I know you’re not perfect, but you’re pretty okay.” And not just say it, but actually mean it.

When it comes down to it, most of our problems stem from a lack of self-love. The good news is we can do something about it. You’re here. You’re reading this. You want to change your life. Let these posts on self-care and self-compassion be the vehicles to get you that much closer to loving you.

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