When I hear my baby cry, when he’s hungry, wants that toy, needs to be held NOW, I think about how we all have a little bit of that within us. It’s worsened with smart phones and our instant gratification culture. And it explains why many of us are okay with popping a pill, but skeptical about seeing a therapist.

I think within each of us is a wish for a magic wand. Deep within our unconscious there’s a dream for a secret recipe to happiness and an easy solution to remedy all of life’s problems. Instead of getting our hands dirty in the mess of our lives, we’d rather take a short cut leading straight to happiness, health, love and success.

The truth is if we allow the travesties in our lives to mold us, we will change for the better. Lasting permanent change comes from within. We need to change in order to be changed. We need to do the work in order to grow. But when we’ve done what’s necessary to improve our lives, change our thoughts, address the real issues, the courage it took to face our fears will transform us from fearful caterpillars to limitless butterflies.

{Etsy print by LJA Photography}

{Etsy print by LJA Photography}

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