Every moment is a choice. You can choose to be the slow moving sand under the fast changing current. You can be the rock or you can be flexible like the branches of a tree.

You can choose to be your circumstance, your illness, your childhood, your tragedy. But you can also let it be a part of your life and not who you are. And you can do it, for just this moment.

You can decide to be kinder to yourself, your body, and your loved ones.

You can smile for what is instead of what should be.

You can take a deep breath and simply relish in it.

You can leave the dishes alone, the bed unmade, a loved one’s problems to be fixed on their own.

You can have cereal for dinner, leftovers for lunch and dessert for breakfast.

You can choose play instead of work.

You can say how you feel without regret.

You can simply be, and breathe for one single moment. Let yourself go. Let yourself free.

Happiness. Forgiveness. Love. Self-acceptance. Health. Peace. They all take work. But it’s all about baby steps. Let our posts this week inspire you to do something small to change your relationship with others, yourself and your current state of mind.

{Etsy print by SnapshotSeven}

{Etsy print by SnapshotSeven}

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