Ever wonder about self-help industry profits? What about why people are more likely to share negative experiences than positive ones?

What about the psychology of sexual fantasies? Oooooh.

Check out this week’s Psychology Around the Net.

The Self-Help Industry Helps Itself to Billions of Dollars: Did you know the self-improvement industry represents a $10 billion industry each year in the United States alone?

Win an Argument by Asking the Other Person to Map Out a Plan: Lifehacker explains the BBC Future’s study on how one of the best ways to prove others wrong is to ask them to explain exactly how their idea works.

Letting Go of Yesterday and Using the Gift of the Present: One word: self-compassion.

The Psychology of Sexual Fantasy: Part 1: Why are we uncomfortable with something that is, as Cari Shane puts it, a natural by-product of human imagination?

Mental Health Lessons Emerge from Isla Vista Slayings: Why are we missing opportunities to assess threats?

The Truth Behind Negative Psychology (and How to Use It to Your Business Advantage): Often, people are more likely to talk about negative experiences than positive ones. Why? Can you use that to your advantage in business?