I’m tired of insensitive comments.

I’m tired of excuses.

I’m tired of dramas,

overplayed celebrity mishaps,

the crawler/news ticker that encourages distractions precisely when I’m trying to relax.

I’m tired of my obese inbox,

and my malnourished free time.

I’m tired of thinking,






I’m. Simply. Tired.

If you’ve ever thought, said, or experienced these words, you will relax, relish and delight in our posts this week. Learn things you never knew about yourself. Find out how to finally let go and forgive someone or yourself. Understand how creativity can transform a traumatic past and get the secret steps toward your own path toward success.

{Etsy photo by TSquaredphoto}

{Etsy photo by TSquaredphoto}

15 Questions to Explore And Nourish Your Needs
(Weightless) – Use the next few minutes to get to know yourself better. If you’re all over the place these days, these questions will ground you, help you realize what’s truly important and remind you that self-care is the way toward more joy, happiness and well-being in your life.

Do You Hold Grudges?
(Bonding Time) – Why can’t you let go? It’s a question you’ve asked yourself following a fight, an apology, an obvious outpouring of remorse. Here’s why you might still be holding onto what no longer serves you or your relationship.

Compassion Made Simple
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – We can all use more compassion in our lives. If you need to heal what hurts or forgive another, you can begin the process in these three surprisingly simple steps.

Patrick Stewart, Trauma and Creative Work
(The Creative Mind) – Can you use creativity to heal trauma? Actor Patrick Stewart shares how acting helped him release unresolved emotions from his difficult childhood.

The 4-Step Path to Success
(Thrive) – How do you reach for the stars? Success is attainable if you know what steps to take to get there. Here are four things you can do to start the process.