When I see a kid trying to cope with an insensitive comment thrown at them, I am reminded of how painful and surprisingly insidious they can be.

I know someone, for example, who was told as a child that they would never amount to much in their life. Fifty plus years later and the same words haunt their present.

Another person was told they were lazy. Like a broken record, he continues to hear those words playing in his mind as if they were spoken moments not decades ago.

Words have a huge impact on the way we perceive ourselves. They can become self-fulfilling. If we haven’t built up enough self-esteem to protect ourselves, we take on the negative words that hurt us most.

This week you’ll learn ways to combat negativity through self-awareness, self-discovery and by paying attention to how words can heal as well as hurt you. As you’ll read below, words have the power to break through the walls that currently imprison you through positivity and possibility.

{Etsy bracelet by mPOWERe}

{Etsy bracelet by mPOWERe}

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