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Grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever you prefer) and check out these mental health- and psychology-related tidbits from around the ‘net this week.

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding: Entrepreneur takes a look at the psychology of color, explaining the importance of color in branding and even breaking down color preferences by gender.

Electrical Brain Stimulation Can Trigger Lucid Dreams: Researchers believe specific electrical frequencies can cause lucid dreams (you know — those dreams you have within dreams that cause you go be able to control dreams…whew!).

Calculate How Much Money You Need to Be Happy: Apparently, money can buy happiness — and now we have the calculations to get there.

Trusting Yourself to Make Decisions Instead of Always Seeking Advice: For some of us, making decisions is tough. What if no one agrees with us? Yet, as Esther Bautista points out, it’s possible to have different opinions and still be loved.

How Your Smartphone Messes With Your Brain — and Your Sleep: Not many people will be pleased to learn the lights coming from their smartphones’ screens can affect their natural sleep-wake cycles.

The Psychology of Love That Lasts a Lifetime: Is life-long romance possible? And what is the “trifecta of a romantic relationship”?

What Can Former Gang Members Teach Psychology Students?: Find out what former gang members are teaching the students at the Professional Community Intervention Training Institute (PCITI) in Los Angeles.

Get Over Your Guilt by Looking at It Objectively: Try looking at your guilt from an outside point of view.