AH! Writer’s block!

I would say “if you’re a writer, you’ve experienced writer’s block at some point,” but really, writing is such a healthy outlet that it spans far beyond just those of us who call ourselves “writers.”

So, chances are, you’ve experienced writer’s block whether or not you consider yourself a writer.

With that being said…isn’t it wonderful when someone provides us with writing prompts? Ideas to get our creative juices flowing, or at least get us pointed in the right direction?

That’s exactly what Margarita Tartakovsky does with one of her recent Weightless posts. Check it out, along with several other amazing Psych Central posts from the past few days.

Writers May Be More Likely to Have Schizophrenia SS

On (not) Being a Mother
(Being Beautifully Bipolar) — America celebrated Mother’s Day this past Sunday, but Psych Central’s Elaina J. Martin talks about why she isn’t planning on becoming a mom and how her illness plays into that decision.

5 Surprising Ways to Make More Time in Your Day
(The Impact of Sex Addiction) — Dr. Linda Hatch offers a few ways you can carve out extra time in your day — and a few of them might surprise you!

Journaling Prompts & Questions for Listening to Your Body
(Weightless) — Margarita Tartakovsky offers more than 15 journaling prompts to help us tune into and listen to our bodies.

Did You Learn This in Sex Education?
(Quick Fix) — Ever heard the phrase, “Why buy the cow when the milk is free?” Donna Barstow tackles this idea and others in her discussion about casual sex and relationships.

What Sort of Events Lead to Complex Trauma
(After Trauma) — Sara Staggs takes a look at several examples of events that can cause major trauma, discusses the different ways children deal with these events and their aftermath compared to how adults react, and covers some ground regarding sexual trauma as it relates to women and girls versus men and boys.