If you’ve had a week like mine, well — you’ve had a hodgepodge of a week.

From changes in job responsibilities and hours to wonky weather, nothing’s followed much of a routine this week.

That’s not such a bad thing, though, is it? I mean, unless you thrive on or need routines (and some of us do — a lot of times, I do), mixing things up a little bit can keep you on your toes.

Over the past couple of days, that’s just what these Psych Central bloggers have done.

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How Safe Is Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis?
(The Science of Addiction) — Marijuana — specifically, its legality — has been under the spotlight lately. Find out what Richard Taite has to say about the safety of driving under the influence of pot.

Men Who Work On Themselves Are Sexy
(The Psychology of Success) — We ain’t talking about hittin’ the gym here, folks. Joyce Marter explains how exercising different muscles – such as those accessed in therapy, meditation, and recovery – makes men more attractive.

“I Hate My Life” & What to Do On Those Days
(Psychology of Women) — Oh, but it’s not all about the men today. Cherilynn Veland discusses ways to women can find some meaningful (and even pampering) moments during their blah, “hate my life” days.

Reducing Procrastination by Addressing the Role of Anxiety
(Healing Together for Couples) — Suzanne Phillips states that “[f]or 20% of men and women in the US, procrastination becomes a pervasive life style pattern that impairs quality of life by limiting success, compromising relationships and lowering self-esteem,” and difficulty regulating anxiety plays a big role in that procrastination. Find out some suggestions on how to deal with anxiety-related procrastination.

Different, Not Disordered: An Interview With Dr. Barbara Probst
(Attachment Matters) — Looking for some good reading material this weekend? Check out Rita Brehl’s interview with Dr. Barbara Probst on her book, When the Labels Don’t Fit.