I know things are getting bad when I’m trying to brush my teeth and do tai chi. Simultaneously.

Or when I’m talking on the phone while listening to a podcast.

The worst days are when I’m feeding the baby, cooking dinner, doing the laundry and trying to get through my inbox all at the same time.

And I doubt I’m alone.

These days, there are oodles of books on life balance, dealing with overwhelm, and taking care of yourself. There’s a growing need for gurus, authors and bloggers to remind us how important it is to do the things we associate with laziness.

Doodling, staring off in space, lounging on the couch? We don’t have time for that.

Those essential moments help us recover after a long week or restore our energy following a particularly draining moment. But it doesn’t feel vital like that work project. It doesn’t feel as life changing as that webcast. But it is.

Read these self-care, assertiveness, relationship, and happiness tips. But don’t just add them to your long list of must-dos. Instead, let it be a reminder of what’s important. Sit with them awhile before you take action. Sample a few tips. Experiment with them. Just don’t be like me and try them all at the same time.

{Etsy image by: GraphicVariete}

{Etsy image by: GraphicVariete}

Making Self-Care A Priority
(Weightless) – What have you done for yourself lately? There are 4 different areas of your life that need your attention. Learn what steps you can take to increase your health and well-being by simply taking care of yourself.

Stop Doing This and You Will Be More Assertive
(NLP Discoveries) – Who wouldn’t want to live a life where you feel empowered, your needs are met, and you enjoy personal space and freedom? The real question is whether you have the courage to change your outdated way of thinking, make new decisions and remove the mental barrier that’s preventing you from being more assertive.

Overcoming “Impossible” Odds
(Building Relationship Skills) – To feel hopeful when things feel hopeless, we need to be inspired by others. In this unbelievable true story, you will learn about one woman who not just survived her difficult childhood with drug addicted parents, sexual molestation, and homelessness, but became a mom, wife, Harvard grad, motivational speaker and New York Times bestselling author in spite of it.

Your Brain’s Greatest Blind Spot to Happiness
(Mindfulness & Psychotherapy) – An experiment will change the way you view your own perceptions of homelessness. You will be moved when you see it. Let it affect the way you perceive yourself and the relationships in your life.

How To Love Better
(Healthy Romantic Relationships) – Want to learn how to love more and hurt less? Read this.